No Such Thing as Normal

"No Such Thing As Normal" is a celebration of inclusion geared toward fourth and fifth grade students. The mission is to promote autism awareness, tolerance, and thoughtful inclusion through an age-appropriate elementary school musical production.

After participating in this musical, children from 4th or 5th grade levels will understand:

This initiative was born with the help of Howard Martin (founder of the Jellybean Conspiracy Project), Kit Bardwell, Andi Meyer, and Gaby Lucas. Barclay Martin provided music arrangements and recorded all tracks for the CD.

The Impact

"I learned that Autism is a neurological disorder and that is has no known cause. No Such Thing As Normal has really made a difference in my life. I am now more aware of Autism and how it affects people. Now, I am going to know how to treat people who have autism." Allan R.

"I learned a lot of things about autism. Now I know how to treat and be around people with autism." Zack H.

"It was fun to learn about autism and how much we can do to help. I loved spending time to get to know people with special needs and learning about it. Thank you, I had a fun time." Arrison W.

"The play was really cool and fun because it shows that there is nothing wrong with people with autism, and that we all have different talents." Emma M.

"I learned that autism is that you were born different but you are still special and you are still important." Juan J.